Friday, 22 June 2012

A Design a Day

Hey just a little update to share a
Competition with you:

Tigerprint do a 'Gifted' Competition every year
and im very excited about this one!
You will be emailed a new theme each day
from the 27th June to the 31st July.
With this theme you must create a black and white design
in any media.

It sounds like a fun, adventurous competition,
even if you just enter to get the creative juices flowing
with a daily sketch for a month.

Im hoping to ensure i set aside some time a day to do this,
even though i have a bit of a hectic lifestyle at the moment.

Is anyone else going to enter?
Let me know.
I will put my designs up on here
to show how the competition is
getting me thinking.

You can enter on this website:

Or visit their blog for regular competitions
for their card range sold in Marks and Spencer:


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